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An archive of ADCC/CDC-enhanced biobetter antibodies developed by Creative Biolabs' state-of-the-art technology platform.


Fc Silent Antibody

Fc silence antibody is a therapeutic antibody that achieves a reduction in Fc effector function, such as cytokine release, by mutating Fc regions. Creative Biolabs' best-in-class Fc Engineering technology platform enables you to produce Fc Silence therapeutic antibodies. Silencing Fc can attenuate or eliminate the interaction between Fc/FcγR and complement C1q, which is essential for therapeutic applications where activation of the host immune system has a negative impact. We use a variety of strategies to help you develop antibodies that truly silence the Fc domain.

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CAT# Product Name Assay Type Product Type Inquiry
CB-LX001-A Anti-Human ADDL Fc Silent Antibody, Clone 4D5-8 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX002-A Anti-Human Amyloid-β Fc Silent Antibody, Clone Ponezumab Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX003-A Anti-Mouse B7-H4 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone 7A1-6 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX004-A Anti-Human C5 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone Eculizumab Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX005-A Anti-Human CD11a Fc Silent Antibody, Clone hu1124 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX006-A Anti-Human CD146 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone IR94 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX007-A Anti-Human CD194 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone KW-0761 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX008-A Anti-Human CD2 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone hSC16 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX009-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone 10F381 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX010-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone Rituximab Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX011-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone hu5c8-mod Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX012-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone IgG1-P329G LALA Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX013-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone Chir12.12 Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX014-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone Atezolizumab Fc-silent Assay Antibody
CB-LX015-A Anti-Human CD20 Fc Silent Antibody, Clone 1E11 Fc-silent Assay Antibody

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