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An archive of ADCC/CDC-enhanced biobetter antibodies developed by Creative Biolabs' state-of-the-art technology platform.


ADCC-Enhanced Biobetters

ADCC-Enhanced Biobetter is a class of therapeutic biological antibodies that are not fucosylated. Creative Biolabs has an advanced Afuco™ technology platform that can control the glycosylation level of antibodies, achieving ADCC enhancement by reducing fucosylation in the Fc region of the antibody. This class of antibodies is a biological drug that increases the binding affinity of the FcyR receptor to immune effector cells. More specifically, DNA recombinant technology is used to produce this fucosylated therapeutic ADCC-Enhanced. It is produced in CHO cells lacking fucosylation and purified by affinity chromatography of protein G.

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