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Fc Engineering Technology Sharing

Fc engineering refers to the modification of the Fc region of antibodies to enhance their therapeutic properties, such as increasing their binding affinity to Fcγ receptors on immune cells, improving effector functions like antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), and extending their half-life in circulation.

Fig.1 Techniques to discover variants. (Liu, 2020)Fig.1 Techniques to discover variants.1

These Fc engineering technologies offer versatile strategies to optimize the therapeutic properties of antibodies and antibody-based therapeutics, facilitating the development of more efficacious and safer treatments for various diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases.

Creative Biolabs has a long history of research and development of the antibody ADCC effect, and offers a variety of Fc modification services to our customers in our Therapeutic Fc Engineering Technology unit, which you can find for more information.

Here, we share with you some of the latest research on Fc engineering retrofit technology to deepen your understanding of the field.

CH2 Domain Mutations Technology

Mutant Fc domains interact with key sites of Fcγ receptors and C1q, which can reduce or remove their binding capacity. Specific mutagenesis techniques allow for the determination of the region in which C1q binds to the antibody, including the hinge region and the CH2 domain above the Fc domain. CH2 domain mutation technology selectively regulates the interaction of antibodies with FcgR and C1q expressed on the surface of immune cells by mutating the CH2 domain in the Fc region of the antibody, thereby enhancing efficacy.

LALA Mutations Technology

A specific combination of amino acid mutations in the Fc region can alter the binding affinity of the antibody to FcγR, thereby altering the strength of the antibody's effector function. The most common LALA mutations (L234A/L235A) result in altered antibody affinity for FcγR (elimination of binding to low-affinity FcγR and decreasing binding to FcγRI), resulting in significantly reduced ADCC and CDC activity.


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Creative Biolabs provides luciferase-based ADCC assay. This Jurkat cell based assay is pioneered by Creative Biolabs, and the methodology is very well accepted by the field. See attached ADCC Reporter Assay Protocol for further details. 

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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Creative Biolabs has established a team of customer support scientists ready to discuss ADCC/CDC optimization strategies, antibody production, bioinformatics analysis and other molecular biology/biotechnology issues.

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