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Antibody Safety-enhanced Engineering Service

The Necessary of Antibody Safety Enhanced

Therapeutic antibodies have emerged as a valuable treatment modality for various diseases but are hindered by certain limitations that impact their effectiveness. One key issue is their suboptimal pharmacokinetic properties, which can heighten the potential for adverse reactions. Moreover, their immunogenicity can trigger the production of anti-drug antibodies in patients, undermining treatment efficacy. To address these challenges, enhancing the safety of antibodies is of great importance.

Td immunogenicity overview.Fig. 1 Td immunogenicity overview.1

Our Antibody Safety-enhanced Engineering Service

Leveraging our wealth in antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs provides an innovative antibody safety-enhanced engineering service to enhance the therapeutic or diagnostic performance of any antibody candidate, regardless of format (full-length IgG, scFv, Fab, etc.). We bring out two effective strategies to serve our antibody safety-enhanced engineering service: antibody humanization & antibody deimmunization and tolerization. Customers are able to choose the appropriate engineering strategies for their projects. Simultaneously, we provide a full range of techniques (i.e. phage display, computer-aided design.) to strengthen our service. Our seasoned scientists are willing to help global customers select the techniques and design the optimal schemes, aiding you in rapidly developing safety-enhanced therapeutic antibodies.

Workflow of antibody humanization.Fig. 2 Workflow of antibody humanization.

Strategies for Antibody Safety-enhanced Engineering

Antibody Humanization

Antibody humanization involves modifying antibodies using genetic engineering to enhance their therapeutic effects in humans, reducing the risk of rejection, and boosting stability. These tailored antibodies are frequently utilized in treating cancers, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases.

Antibody Deimmunization

Deimmunization involves identifying and removing specific epitopes within therapeutic antibodies to reduce the risk of immune response and enhance their efficacy and safety for therapeutic use. This process targets major antigenicity epitopes like T cells, B cells, MHC epitopes, and other antigenicity epitopes to improve the overall performance of the antibody in the human body.

Antibody Tolerization

Introducing Treg epitopes into therapeutic antibodies to stimulate Treg cell functions is a strategy aimed at reducing the immunogenicity of these antibodies in humans. By enhancing immune tolerance through this method, the safety and effectiveness of therapeutic antibodies can be improved, leading to better outcomes for patients undergoing antibody-based treatments.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is the duration of an antibody humanization campaign?

We offer a complimentary prequalification step to analyze the scope of work for your antibody humanization project. By doing this preliminary evaluation, you may lower risk and make sure your resources are being utilized effectively. Throughout the project, there will be selections that both the team and the customers can decide whether to proceed or not, providing further opportunities to save time and money.

If you want to get more information about our antibody safety-enhanced engineering service, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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Creative Biolabs provides luciferase-based ADCC assay. This Jurkat cell based assay is pioneered by Creative Biolabs, and the methodology is very well accepted by the field. See attached ADCC Reporter Assay Protocol for further details. 

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Creative Biolabs has established a team of customer support scientists ready to discuss ADCC/CDC optimization strategies, antibody production, bioinformatics analysis and other molecular biology/biotechnology issues.

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