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Get a real taste and understanding of the business and culture of one of the world's great research-based ADCC/CDC-enhanced therapeutic antibody discovery and development companies.
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Professional Team
We think the project is more like a collaboration than a service. Our goal is to combine your expertise with our expertise to achieve success together. Whether you want to optimize your own antibodies produced in the lab or look for end-to-end services from antibody discovery, antibody production, to ADCC/CDC analysis, our team is ready to help.
Creative Biolabs' Afuco™ platform – the key to your ADCC+ success
Our Afuco™ technology platform incorporates cutting-edge glycoengineering technology and expertise to enable us to optimize the ADCC activity of therapeutic antibodies. Powered by Afuco ™ technology, we provide our clients a comprehensive antibody modification protocol that allows oligosaccharides in the Fc region to be free of any fucose units. Fucosyltransferase engineered stable cell lines are available for subsequent ADCC antibody preparation.
ADCC Enhancement Technology
Fully Integrated Solutions
The path of discovery of each therapeutic antibody is different. We focus on your antibody goals and work with you to achieve the ADCC/CDC enhancement goals. Whether you need expression optimization, recombinant protein production, antibody ADCC/CDC modification design, or cell line development, Creative Biolabs provides solutions to drive your research and accelerate your market.