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Glycan Microarray-based Binding Profiles Analysis Services

Creative Biolabs has developed commercially available glycan arrays for screening protein-carbohydrate interactions. Our glycan microarray has outstanding performance due to its advanced microarray substrate technology. We provide customers with glycan microarray service to investigate the binding of potential glycan binding proteins. In addition, we provide the latest microarray analysis software, which can help researchers obtain the most valuable information from glycan microarrays without having to spend hours manually interpreting the data.


The glycan array will help researchers:

Schematic glycan presentation on microarrays. Fig.1 Schematic glycan presentation on microarrays.

Features of Our Glycan Microarrays

Our substrate surface chemical composition enables 3D glycans to be presented on the substrate surface, thereby promoting multivalent binding interactions and exhibiting better performance than the traditional flat substrates leading competitors. In addition to our multivalent adaptability to traditional NHS-activated substrates, our multivalent hydrazide substrate slides can also directly immobilize free sugars, thereby eliminating the need for covalent bonding to microarray slides. In addition, we have developed an optimized assay buffer to clarify results through higher binding sensitivity and lower background noise.

In cooperation with research institutions, we provide the latest microarray analysis software to help researchers obtain the most valuable information from glycan microarrays without having to spend hours manually interpreting data. Our software can not only convert microarray data into readable charts, but also identify specific glycan motifs with statistical significance, which describe the ideal epitope for any glycan binding agent.

Our multivalent substrates Fig.2 Our multivalent substrates (left) vs leading competitor’s substrates (right).

General Workflow

General Workflow

Data and Reports

After the data is generated and processed, the customer will receive:

Customized Microarray Service

Using our multi-channel microarray instrument, we can provide glycan microarray services suitable for your samples. Clients may request in-house glycans or lectins, samples from vendors, or provide their own. Request a quote to start a discussion on how we can best suit your needs.


Creative Biolabs provides luciferase-based ADCC assay. This Jurkat cell based assay is pioneered by Creative Biolabs, and the methodology is very well accepted by the field. See attached ADCC Reporter Assay Protocol for further details. 

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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Creative Biolabs has established a team of customer support scientists ready to discuss ADCC/CDC optimization strategies, antibody production, bioinformatics analysis and other molecular biology/biotechnology issues.

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