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Complement C4d Fixation Assay Low control (CAT#: CB-P200-K) Datasheet

Product Type
Complement C4d Fixation Assay Low control can be used as a positive low control in the C4d assay. The control sample contains recombinant human C4d in a diluent. An expected concentration range for C4d assays is stated on the Certificate of Analysis.
20 µg (1.25 mg/mL)

Figure 1 Assay design.
It is recommended to set up the complement C4d Fixation Assay detection as a three-step sandwich detection, and use its designated function of capture and detection antibodies to ensure the best specificity for C4d new epitopes in EDTA plasma samples. The recommended analysis design is also used in Creative Biolabs's Complement C4d ELISA. The following describes a recommended assay protocol that allows automatic quantification of C4d using Svar Life Science's proprietary C4d antibody.

Fig.2 Recommended standard curve preparation. Note: the graph shows an example of a semi-quantitative standard curve and should not be used for actual subject sample interpretation.

Fig.3 Cross-reactivity with other complement factors in the Complement C4d Fixation Assay assay.

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