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Anti-Human C6 Monoclonal Antibody (clone WU 6-4) -10 mg (CAT#: CB-P461-K) Datasheet

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The monoclonal antibody WU 6-4 recognizes C6, which is one of the components of the terminal complement complex (TCC), also known as the membrane attack complex (MAC). The proteolytic cleavage of C5 by C5 convertase produces C5b, which initiates the assembly of C5b-9 MAC. The complex is assembled from five precursor molecules in the serum, and finally with the polymerization of C9, the complex is inserted into the cell membrane to cause cell lysis. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes represent the main source of C6. After incorporating TCC, the monoclonal antibody WU 6-4 recognizes natural C6, but not C6. In addition, WU 6-4 can inhibit the formation of C5b6 and TCC in the liquid phase, and inhibit hemolysis to a lesser extent. Only the introduction of WU 6-4 before the formation of C5b6 can inhibit hemolytic activity.
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