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GSH Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (CAT#: CB-P049-K) Datasheet

Glutathione (GSH) is a thiol-containing tripeptide (glutamyl-cysteine-glycine) and is a key antioxidant in many species. It is highly related to the detoxification/elimination of xenobiotics (naturally occurring harmful compounds, such as free radicals, hydroperoxides, etc.) and the maintenance of the oxidation state of protein sulfhydryl groups. In addition, GSH plays a key role in the pathogenesis of many human diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Glutathione exists in cells in both reduced (GSH) and oxidized (GSSG) forms-GSH is the main species in cells under normal physiological conditions. Therefore, pathological conditions that cause oxidative stress will lead to elevated GSSG levels. Therefore, the measurement of intracellular GSH seems to be a sensitive indicator of overall cell health and its ability to resist toxic challenges.

Creative Biolabs' reduced glutathione kit is based on an enzymatic cycling method in the presence of GSH and chromophore. The reduction of the chromophore produces a stable product, which can be tracked kinetics at 450 nm. Therefore, its absorbance is directly proportional to the GSH content in the sample. Our kit is the most specific and sensitive quantitative analysis on the market because GSSG will not interfere with the analysis. The kit contains 5-sulfosalicylic acid (SSA) to protect the endogenous components of GSH in the sample. (SSA is used as deproteinization and antioxidant. The assay method is simple and reproducible, and can specifically detect reduced glutathione (GSH) as low as 50 pmol/well in a 100 µl reaction.
•Simple procedure; takes only ~1-2 hours
•Fast and convenient
•Specific: does not detect oxidized GSSG
•Sensitive: detects as low as 50 pmol GSH
The colorimetric glutathione detection kit provides a simple in vitro detection method for detecting the decrease in GSH content during apoptosis and other pathological processes. No oxidized GSSG was detected.
100 assays
Detection Method
Absorbance (450 nm)
Whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, tissue and cell extracts
Species Reactivity
GSH Assay Buffer
Substrate Mix A
Substrate Mix B
Enzyme Mix A
Enzyme Mix B
Enzyme Mix C
Sulfosalicylic Acid (SSA, 1 gram)
GSH Standard
Gel Pack
Shelf Life
12 months
Research Use
For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

Figure: (a-b) GSH Standard Curve, results from multiple experiments.

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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