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Anti-Human C2 Polyclonal Antibody-10 mg (CAT#: CB-P556-K) Datasheet

Product Type
Glycoprotein complement factor C2 is the key in the classical and lectin pathways. Its proteolytic subunit is also part of C3 and C5 convertase. In CP, C2 is cleaved by C1, and in LP, MASP2 is cleaved. C2 binds to membrane-bound C4b. After cutting, C2b is released and C2a and C4b form C3 convertase (C4bC2a). After the C3 protein is hydrolyzed into C3a and C3b, the latter fragments associate with the C4bC2a complex to form C5 convertase. The formation of both invertases is essential for complement activation and the initiation of the terminal part of the cascade. The synthesis of C2 mainly exists in liver cells, macrophages and lung epithelial cells. Individuals with C2 deficiency appear to be healthy, despite being associated with an increased risk of SLE, atherosclerosis, and certain infections.
100 µg

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