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Glucose Uptake Assay Kit (Fluorescent), Cell-based (CAT#: CB-P160-K) Datasheet

Product Type
The Glucose Uptake Assay Kit (cell-based) is an easy-to-use non-radioactive kit that can image and accurately measure glucose uptake in cultured cells in response to insulin and growth factors. The glucose uptake assay protocol is based on fluorescent glucose analogs, just as glucose can be absorbed into cells by glucose transporters. However, this glucose analog cannot be fully used in glycolysis due to its modification and therefore accumulates in the cell. The Fluorometric produced by fluorescent glucose analogues is directly proportional to the uptake of glucose by cells, and can be used to measure glucose uptake by Fluorometric microscopy and flow cytometry. "
Functional Studies
1 kit
Detection Method
Adherent cells, Suspension cells
Species Reactivity
Protocol Length
0h 30m
Analysis Buffer (50X) 1 x 27ml
GluTracker Enhancer 1 x 30µl
GluTracker Reagent (100X) 1 vial
Phloretin (100X) 1 vial
Microplate reader
Handling Advice
Glucose uptake assay protocol summary:
- remove cell culture media, and add glucose uptake mix to cells
- incubate for 30 min at 37°C
- collect cells and keep on ice
- wash with analysis buffer
- analyze with flow cytometer or fluorescent microscope
Please refer to protocols.
Shelf Life
12 months
Research Use
For research use only. Not for human or drug use

Figure 1 Comparison of histogram from flow analysis showing the inhibition of glucose uptake by phloretin in Jurkat cells (Black: negative control cells; orange: in the presence of phloretin; blue: without phloretin).

Figure 2 Images of Jurkat cells obtained using fluorescent microscope (Top: treated with phloretin; Bottom: without phloretin treatment).

Figure 3 Glucose Uptake in HeLa cells: HeLa cells showing the uptake of GluTracker Reagent in the cytoplasm. Cells were stained with GluTracker Reagent for 30 minutes and fixed. Image was taken using a fluorescent microscope with a 60X objective lens.

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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