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Deubiquitinase Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric) (CAT#: CB-P234-K) Datasheet

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By controlling the production and degradation of thousands of different proteins in cells, cell activity and viability are strictly regulated. The proteasome is responsible for the degradation of most cellular proteins. However, drugs that target the proteasome may cause side effects due to the lack of specificity associated with inhibiting the proteasome itself. Therefore, changing the ubiquitination status of the target protein is an alternative method. Ubiquitin-mediated modification of the proteasome pathway has been proven to be an effective mechanism for the treatment of many diseases, all of which involve cellular proteolytic disorders. Therefore, these ubiquitination signals must also be reversible. The enzyme responsible for cleaving and thus removing ubiquitin from ubiquitinated proteins is called deubiquitinating enzyme or DUB. They are proteases that hydrolyze isopeptide bonds between ubiquitin moieties and lysine residues on their target proteins. By removing the ubiquitin molecule, the protein gets rid of the destiny of proteasome degradation and remains a viable factor in the cell. Creative Biolabs' deubiquitinase activity assay kit provides a simple and versatile method for the assay of deubiquitinase activity by using a fluorescent deubiquitinase substrate to detect the activity of purified enzymes as low as 0.25 µU.
100 assays

Figure 1 AMC Standard Curve.

Figure 2 Time course using positive control DUB as described

Figure 3 Example of determination of DUB activity in tissue lysates.

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