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CytoTox™ Complement System MBL/Lectin Pathway Assay Kit (CAT#: CB-P210-K) Datasheet

Product Type
The CytoTox™ Complement System MBL Pathway kit is a functional immunoassay for the qualitative assay of MBL complement pathway activation and assay of complement deficiencies in human serum.
The CytoTox™ Complement assay combines the specific activation of the pathway with the use of labeled antibodies specific for a neoepitope of the terminal complement complex, C5b-9, produced as a result of complement activation. The amount of C5b-9 generated is proportional to the functional activity of complement pathways.
96 wells

Figure 1 MP assay.

Table 1.

Table 2 Sera with known complement deficiencies were tested in the assay and the following results were obtained. All deficient sera were detected in the assay and gave values below 5 %.

Table 3. Inter-assay precision was determined by testing three samples in duplicate. Results were obtained for six different runs.

Table 4. Intra-assay precision was determined by testing one sample in 40 wells.

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