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CreaTag™ V-TAG Glycan Release and labelling kit [For Glycan Labeling] (CAT#: CB-P295-K) Datasheet

Product Type
The kit contains the reagents required to release PNGase F of aminoglycans, and then a dedicated solid phase extraction (SPE) column for fluorophore labeling and purification of labeled glycans.
Number of Samples: 30 separate analytical samples per kit.
Amount of Sample: As a guideline up to 100 µg of glycoprotein per sample.
Suitable Samples: Glycoproteins and glycopeptides containing N-linked glycans.
Release of aminoglycans from glycoproteins, subsequent fluorophore labeling and clean up
Glycoproteins and glycopeptides containing N-linked glycans
rPNGase F release kit 1 kit (4 components)
PNGase F (Elizabethkingia miricola) supplied in 1 vial of 30 μL
50 mM NaCl 5 mM EDTA 20 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.5
10XGlyco Buffer 2 1 vial of 1.0 mL
500 mM sodium phosphate (pH 7.5 at 1X dilution)
10X Glycoprotein Denaturing Buffer 1 vial of 1.0 mL
5% SDS 400 mM DTT
10% NP-40 solution 1 vial of 1.0 mL
V-tag dye 1 ampoule (22 mg)
DMSO 1 ampoule (400 µL)
VSPE Cartridges 1 pack (30 cartridges)
ammonium formate Buffer, pH 4.4 1 bottle (3 mL)
ammonium acetate Buffer 1 bottle (38 mL)
Handling Advice
Ensure that any glass, plastic ware or solvents used with this item are free of environmental carbohydrates and contaminating enzymes. Use powder-free gloves for all sample handling procedures and avoid contamination with environmental carbohydrate.
The product should be shipped at 4°C.
Store at 4°C. Protect from sources of heat and light.
Shelf Life
Stability: Stable at least 12 months when stored properly. Several days exposure to ambient tempertures will not reduce activity.
Research Use
For research use only. Not for human or drug use

Figure 1 workflow.

Figure 2 Chromatogram of V-tag labelled glycans released from IgG after 10 minutes PNGase F digestion.

Figure 3 Chromatogram of V-tag labeled glycans released from bovine fetuin after 3 hours PNGase F digestion.

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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