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Anti-Rat C5L2 Polyclonal Antibody-10 mg (CAT#: CB-P549-K) Datasheet

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The polyclonal antibody reacts with rat C5L2. The orphan receptor C5L2 is a seven transmembrane receptor with 40% amino acid sequence identity with the C5a receptor CD88. It has been found to be expressed on granulocytes and immature dendritic cells. Compared with CD88, C5L2 is uncoupled from G protein due to the substitution of leucine amino acids for arginine in the so-called DRY region at the end of the third intracellular transmembrane domain. After C5a is bound, C5L2 does not seem to induce classical signaling nor biological response. When C5L2 is transfected into several cell types, C5a cannot induce chemotaxis, degranulation, or intercellular calcium mobilization. C5L2 has high affinity for C5a and its metabolite C5adesArg, but low affinity for C3a and C3adesArg, indicating that this receptor is a scavenger of complement fragments and participates in defense against harmful side effects of complement activation. It is known that C5L2 expression on human neutrophils is reduced in sepsis; since sepsis survivors tend to have higher C5L2 levels, loss of expression may be a prognostic indicator in this case.
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