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Anti-Human MASP-2/MAp19 Monoclonal Antibody (clone 6G12) -10 mg (CAT#: CB-P479-K) Datasheet

Product Type
The monoclonal antibody 6G12 reacts with human MASP-2 and human MAp19. MASP-2 is a trypsin-like serine protease that plays an important role in the initiation of the MBL complement activation pathway. Three complement activation pathways have been reported: antibodies Dependent classical pathway, antibody-dependent alternative pathway and lectin pathway. The activation of each pathway involves the formation of serine protease complexes, which leads to the activation of central complement component C3. In the lectin pathway, mannose binds to lectin (MBL)-related serine protease (MASP) forms a complex with polymer lectin molecules involved in pattern recognition. When the recognition molecule binds to carbohydrates on the surface of the microorganism, MASP will transform into its active form and initiate complement activation. Reports of human MASP types MASP-1, MASP-2 and MASP-3 have been reported. Mannan-binding lectin (MBL) that forms a complex with MBL and ficolins-related serine proteases (MASP) can activate the complement system, thereby Mediates the destruction of infectious agents. MASP-2 cleaves C4 and C2, which is essential for activating downstream complement components. MAp19 is another splicing product of MASP-2 gene. MAp19 contains the first two domains of MASP-2, and then There is an extra sequence of four unique amino acids (EQSL) at its C-terminus. It is reported that MASP-2 and MAp19 bind MBL in a calcium-dependent manner.
The monoclonal antibody 6G12 reacts with the N-terminus of MASP-2 and Map19 with high affinity.
100 µg

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