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Anti-Human Activated Complement C1s Monoclonal Antibody (clone M241) -10 mg (CAT#: CB-P488-K) Datasheet

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The monoclonal antibody M241 reacts with an epitope on C1 (a subcomponent of the first component of C (C1)) activated by human protein C. The activated C1s is an 85 kD glycosylated monopolypeptidase. The activation of the protease C1s occurs through the cleavage of the active form of C1r. The activated protease (activated C1s) is composed of H and L chains connected by disulfide bonds. Activated C1s is a serine protease whose catalytic site is located in the L chain. The activation of the classical C pathway is triggered by activated C1s that cleave C4 and C2 to form the C3 convertase C4bC2a. The epitope recognized by antibody M241 is the IV and/or V domain of the activated C1sγ domain. Monoclonal antibody M241 prevents C4 activation and the binding of C4 to activated C1s. The antibody specifically binds to the active center of C1s.
100 µg

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