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MR Glycan Release Kit [For Glycan Release] (CAT#: CB-P273-K) Datasheet

Product Type
The MR Glycan release kit includes a 96-well membrane bottom plate and other reagents for reduction, alkylation and immobilization of glycoproteins, sample cleanup and PNGase F glycan release (PNGaseF is provided separately).
Number of Samples: Sufficient for up to 96 samples.
Amount of Sample: Up to 100 µg glycoprotein per well, dependent on sample.
Suitable Samples: Glycoproteins.
The Membrane Release (MR) kit is used for immobilizing, clean-up and PNGaseF mediated release of glycans from glycoproteins. The ability to immobilize glycoproteins allows the removal of low molecular weight solvent/buffer components, such as trehalose, which may interfere with glycan analysis.
Glycoproteins and glycopeptides containing N-linked glycans
96 Glycan Release Membrane Plate 1+ Plate Lid 1
Iodoacetamide 19 mg dried 2
Dithiothreitol 77 mg dried 2
Block solution 6 mL liquid 1
Formic acid 100 µL liquid 2
20mM sodium bicarbonate 6 mL liquid 1
Handling Advice
1. Add up to 1 nmole of oligosaccharide to a tube.
2. Add de-ionized water to a total of 15 µL.
3. Add 4 µL of 5x Reaction Buffer 5.0.
4. Add 1 µL of α(1-3,4)-Fucosidase.
5. Incubate for 1 hour at 37°C.
The product should be shipped at ambient temperature.
Storage conditions vary. Please check the individual kit components for their storage conditions.
Shelf Life
Stability: Stable at least 12 months when stored properly. Several days exposure to ambient tempertures will not reduce activity.
Research Use
For research use only. Not for human or drug use

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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