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MOR208 (XmAb® 5574, MOR00208) is a novel Fc-engineered humanized CD19 monoclonal antibody. Compared to unmodified parental CD19 antibody, the introduction of S239D and I332E amino acid substitutions in the Fc region of MOR208 enhances antigen-dependent ADCC and antigen-dependent cell-mediated phagocytosis. MOR208 is currently investigated in clinical trials involving patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Phase I dose escalation studies showed that MOR208 was safe and well-tolerated in patients.

ADCC Enhancement Technology for MOR208

MOR208 is originally developed to meet the needs of new therapies calling for an agent with higher activity on CD19-positive cancers. Compared to unmodified parental CD19 antibody, the S239D and I332E amino acid substitutions engineered into the MOR208 IgG1 Fc domain resulted in increased ADCC potency and maximum cytotoxicity than anti-CD19 antibody with the wild-type Fc domain.

Fc-optimized MOR208. Fig.1 Fc-optimized MOR208.

Mechanism of Action of MOR208

Fc-engineered MOR208 is thought to mediate its therapeutic activity against CD19-positive tumors by:

Mechanisms of action of MOR208. Fig.2 Mechanisms of action of MOR208.

ADCC Activity



Anti-tumor Efficacy in Preclinical Trials


Clinical Trial Data for MOR208


Ongoing Clinical Trials


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  1. Kellner C.; et al. The Fc-engineered CD19 antibody MOR208 (XmAb5574) induces natural killer cell-mediated lysis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells from pediatric and adult patients. Leukemia. 2013, 27(7):1595-1598.
  2. Horton HM.; et al. Potent In vitro and In vivo Activity of an Fc-Engineered Anti-CD19 Monoclonal Antibody against Lymphoma and Leukemia. Cancer Research. 2008, 68(19):8049-8057.


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