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Fc Engineered Anti-Human EGFR Therapeutic Antibody, a CDC-Enhanced Biobetter [Lot: CB20-PZ203] (CAT#: Biobet-C203ZP) Datasheet

Human IgG1, κ
CDC-Enhanced Nimotuzumab is a Fc-modified anti-EGFR therapeutic biobetter antibody. Creative Biolabs' advanced CDC-enhanced antibody platform allows for the production of Fc engineered therapeutic CDC⁺ antibodies. By mutating key amino acids of the Fc region of Nimotuzumab, Nimotuzumab exhibits a greater binding capacity to C1q, thereby achieving enhanced CDC activity.
Colorectal cancers, metastatic (EGFR positive)
Therapeutic antibody; biobetter
Not Available

Cooperation Seeking

Creative Biolabs is interested in collaborating with potential partners (include but not limit to major pharma or biotech firms) to further co-develop ADCC-enhanced rituximab. For commercial partners interested in our ADCC-enhanced therapeutic antibodies, Creative Biolabs welcomes collaboration. Here are two ways for your choice, and please contact us for more details.
1) Collaborate with us and co-develop the programs from discovery phase to IND enabling. Costs will be shared.
2) Become a licensed candidate of our programs.
Looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.
Official Name
Full Name
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
The protein encoded by this gene is a transmembrane glycoprotein that is a member of the protein kinase superfamily. This protein is a receptor for members of the epidermal growth factor family. EGFR is a cell surface protein that binds to epidermal growth factor. Binding of the protein to a ligand induces receptor dimerization and tyrosine autophosphorylation and leads to cell proliferation. Mutations in this gene are associated with lung cancer. [provided by RefSeq, Jun 2016]
Alternative Names
Cetuximab; erbitux; 205923-56-4; Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor; EGFR inhibitor; DB00002EGFR; epidermal growth factor receptor; epidermal growth factor receptor (avian erythroblastic leukemia viral (v erb b) oncogene homolog), ERBB; ERBB1;
Gene ID
UniProt ID
Trade name
Biologic Classification
Protein Based Therapies
Monoclonal antibody (mAb)
Antibody Isotype
Human IgG1, κ
This product is an ADCC enhanced antibody produced by our Afuco™ platform. Recombinant humanized (from mouse) antibody expressed in CHO binding to human EGFR. Nimotuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that as of 2014 had orphan status in the US and EU for glioma, and marketing approval in India, China, and other countries for squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck.
Colorectal cancers, metastatic (EGFR positive)

Colorectal cancers, metastatic (EGFR positive)

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


Creative Biolabs has established a team of customer support scientists ready to discuss ADCC/CDC optimization strategies, antibody production, bioinformatics analysis and other molecular biology/biotechnology issues.

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