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Anti-Human Ficolin-3 Monoclonal Antibody (clone 4H5) -10 mg (CAT#: CB-P500-K) Datasheet

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The monoclonal antibody 4H5 recognizes human Ficolin-3, also known as H-ficolin. Ficolins are a type of pattern recognition molecules that contain both collagen-like domains and fibrinogen-like domains, which can activate the complement system on the surface of microorganisms by binding to MASP. In humans, three types of Ficolins are known: Ficolin-1 (M-ficolin), Ficolin-2 (L-ficolin) and Ficolin-3 (H-ficolin). Ficolin-1 is mainly expressed by monocytes, granulocytes and lung cells, and is locally present in the inflammation area. Ficolin-3 (also known as Bodo Antigen, H-ficolin or Ficolin H) is produced by the liver and lungs. Ficolin-3 is associated with three types of MASP and sMAP, and the complex activates C4, C2 and C3 in the liquid phase.
100 µg

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