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Anti-Human C5L2 Polyclonal Antibody-10 mg (CAT#: CB-P543-K) Datasheet

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The orphan receptor C5L2/pgpr77, which has 35% amino acid identity with CD88, is a promiscuous complement fragment binding protein. C5L2 binds to C5a with high affinity, but its affinity for C5adR is 10 times higher than that of CD88. C5L2 also has affinity for C4a and C3a and their metabolites C4a des-Arg and C3a des-Arg. C3a binds at a site different from the C5a binding site. C5L2 transfected into cells does not support degranulation or increase in intracellular [Ca2 +], and does not rapidly internalize due to ligand binding. However, the connection of anaphylactoxin to C5L2 can enhance the degranulation response to high-affinity IgE receptor cross-linking, which indicates that C5L2 is an anaphylactoxin binding protein with unique ligand binding and signaling properties. It is recommended to use C5L2 to mediate the acylation stimulating properties of C3a des-Arg/ASP. C5L2 is expressed in granulocytes, mature dendritic cells, adipose tissue and fibroblasts.
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