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Annexin V-PE Apoptosis Detection Kit (CAT#: CB-P036-K) Datasheet

The Annexin V-PE Apoptosis Detection Kit is based on the following observations: Most cell types transfer membrane phosphatidylserine (PS) from the inner surface of the plasma membrane to the cell surface soon after initiating apoptosis. Once on the cell surface, PS can be easily detected by staining with the fluorescent conjugate of Annexin V, which is a protein with a strong natural affinity for PS. The one-step dyeing process only takes 10 minutes. In addition, the assay can be performed directly on live cells without fixation.
•Simple one-step procedure; only takes ten minutes
•Fast and convenient, no need to fix cells
•Annexin V-PE Apoptosis Detection Kit contains bright orange red PE fluorescent probe for easy detection.
Detect early/middle stages of apoptosis; differentiate apoptosis from necrosis.
25 Assays
100 Assays
400 Assays
Detection Method
Flow cytometry (Ex = 488 nm; Em = 578 nm) and fluorescence microscopy
Works with both adherent and suspension cells.
Species Reactivity
Protocol Length
Get results in 9 minutes.
Annexin V-PE
1X Binding Buffer
Gel Pack
4 °C.
Shelf Life
24 months from the date of purchase, if it is properly stored.
Research Use
For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

Figure: Analyze apoptosis with Annexin V-PE cell apoptosis detection kit. Incubating with 2 µM camptothecin for 4-6 hours induces apoptosis in Jurkat cells. Use this test kit to quantify the resulting apoptosis in uninduced cells (A) and induced cells (B).

All products and services are for Research Use Only. Do Not use in humans.


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