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Cathepsin H Inhibitor Screening Kit (Fluorometric) (CAT#: CB-P233-K) Datasheet

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Cathepsin H (CTSH, EC, a lysosomal cysteine ​​protease, is important in the overall degradation of lysosomal proteins. It is composed of dimers of heavy and light chains connected by disulfide bonds, both produced from a single protein precursor. The encoded protein belonging to the peptidase C1 protein family can act as both aminopeptidase and endopeptidase. The increase in expression of this gene is associated with the malignant progression of prostate tumors. Creative Biolabs' cathepsin H inhibitor screening kit utilizes the ability of active cathepsin H to cleave synthetic AFC-based peptide substrates to release free AFC, which can be easily quantified using a fluorometer or a fluorescent microplate reader. In the presence of cathepsin H specific inhibitors, the cleavage of this substrate is reduced/eliminated, resulting in a reduction or complete loss of AFC Fluorometric. This simple and high-throughput adaptability assay kit can be used to screen/research/characterize potential inhibitors of cathepsin H.
100 assays

Figure 1 Inhibition of Cathepsin H activity by CTSH Inhibitor.

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