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Anti-Mouse Crry/p65 Monoclonal Antibody (clone 8A/E6) -100 µg (CAT#: CB-P233-AB) Datasheet

Product Type
The monoclonal antibody 8A/E6 recognizes the gene Y (Crry/p65) related to mouse complement receptor type 1, a type I membrane protein (MW 56-60 kDa). Complement contains the soluble serum protein system, which directly causes cell damage after activation via antibodies (classical pathway), sugar (lectin pathway), or bacterial and foreign body surfaces (alternative pathway). Complement is constantly activated at low levels in serum, requiring cells to protect themselves from damage. In humans, cells are protected from complement-mediated damage by the expression of membrane-bound complement regulatory proteins that act at server points along the cascade. Human cells are protected by decay promoting factors (DAF, CD55), membrane cofactor proteins (MCP, CD46) and membrane attack complex inhibitor protein 1 (MIN1, CD59). Rats and mice express a unique activation pathway of membrane complement modulators, called type 1 complement receptor-related gene Y (Crry). Crry/p65 is expressed in a variety of cells. Crry/p65 contains the tandem short consensus repeat (SCR) of the C3/C4 binding protein. Mouse Crry/p65 has been shown to regulate the deposition of the classical and alternative complement pathway C3 on the cell membrane. Therefore, Crry/p65 must act before or at the level of C3 convertase in a manner similar to human membrane factors DAF and MCP. Crry/p65 is a uniquely evolved complement regulatory protein that has been developed in mice and rats. In addition to participating in the control of complement damage to cell membranes, Crry also plays a role in T cell activation. Crry basically enhances the signal triggered by TCR/CD3 activation.
Autoimmunity, Nephrology
100 µg
Mouse CD46-human Fc fusion protein
Rat IgG1
Clone Number
PBS, containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin and 0.02% sodium azide.
Immuno assays, Immuno fluorescence, Western blot
Application Notes
The diluent used depends on the detection system used. It is recommended that users test reagents and determine their own optimal dilution. The typical initial working dilution is 1:50.
Storage Instructions
Product should be stored at 4°C. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for at least one year.
Alternative Names
p65; complement receptor type-1 related gene Y

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