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Anti-Human C3a/C3a des Arg Monoclonal Antibody (clone 2991) -10 mg (CAT#: CB-P506-K) Datasheet

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Monoclonal antibody 2898 recognizes the C-terminus of human complement protein C3a. This antibody recognizes complete C3, C3a and C3a-desArg. C3 is the most abundant protein in the complement system, and the serum protein level is about 1.3 mg/ml. The complement system is innate An important part of the humoral response in immunity is composed of three different pathways. The third complement component C3 is the classic complement activation, the core of the alternative and lectin pathway. The activation product of the complement cascade contains a single natural component that does not exist Monoclonal antibodies to detect new epitopes have been used to directly quantify the activation of different steps in the complement cascade. The synthesis of C3 is tissue-specific and responds to multiple stimuli. Hereditary C3 deficiency Makes people vulnerable to frequent attacks from bacterial infections. In ulcerative colitis, and idiopathic chronic inflammatory bowel disease, the deposition of C3 in the diseased mucosa has been reported. The proteolysis of certain enzymes leads to the lysis of C3, Releases C3a anaphylactoxin and C3b. C3a is a protein of 74 amino acids. C3a itself has a short lifespan, and will quickly break down into more stable C3a-desArg (also known as acylation stimulating protein, ASP) in serum. Therefore, C3a The measurement of desArg can draw reliable conclusions about the level of complement activation in the test sample.
C3a is a mediator of the local inflammatory process. It induces smooth muscle contraction, increases vascular permeability, and causes histamine to be released from mast cells and basophils. C3a is involved in the inflammatory response seen in Gram-negative bacterial sepsis, trauma, ischemic heart disease, post-dialysis syndrome and various autoimmune diseases. "
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