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Human C5a Protein, Recombinant - 50 µg (CAT#: CB-P287-AB) Datasheet

Product Type
Complement fragment C5a is a 74-residue glycopeptide that is produced by proteolytic cleavage of complement factor C5 during complement activation. C5a is an effective chemoattractant and anaphylactic toxin, acting on all types of white blood cells and many others. Cell types, including endothelial cells, smooth muscle, kidney, liver and nerve cells, in addition to pro-inflammatory effects, C5a can also protect cells from toxic damage and stimulate the proliferation of neurons and hepatocytes, which indicates that C5a is in homeostasis The role of C5a is more extensive. Serum carboxypeptidase N is deaminated to weaker derivative C5a desArg, which is the first stage of inactivation of anaphylactoxin activity. C5a desArg form has different biological activities from intact C5a. Recombinant human C5a has His -Tagged tag, and has the following amino acid sequence: MRGSHHHHHHHGSDYDIPTTENLYFQGGSTLQKKIEEIAAKYKHSVVKKCCYDGACVNNDETCEQRAARISL​​GPRCIKAFTECCVVA
Infectious diseases, Nephrology
50 µg
Lyophilized product in 0.005% Tween 80, 2mM reduced L-glutathion, 0.2mM oxidized L-glutathion and 0.1M Tris-Cl buffer, pH 8.0, containing at least 50 μg human C5a. The exact amount is indicated on the label. Reconstitute the vial by pipetting 0.5 ml distilled or de-ionised water (Caution: vial is under vacuum).
Functional studies, Immuno assays, Western blot
Application Notes
For dilution, use protein-stabilized phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4.
Storage Instructions
Product should be stored at -80°C. Repeated freeze and thaw cycles will cause loss of activity. Use C5 protein within 40 hours after thawing and keep on ice. Remainder amounts should be aliquoted and immediately re-freezed for future use. Aliquots should never be thawed more than once. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for at least one year.
Alternative Names
C5; C5D; C5a; C5b; CPAMD4; ECLZB; complement component 5; complement C5

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